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When you make the decision to move into an apartment, you are accepting the fact that you are going to be living in limited space. Even the largest apartments in Raleigh with the most spacious and open floor plans are still inherently limited by the nature of what an apartment is. A lot of people look at downsizing as the process of pushing what you have in a larger space into a smaller space and doing without, but this is the wrong way to look at the situation. When you do make the decision to move from a large area into a smaller apartment, you need to completely reshape your furnishings to fit the new space.

Bringing oversized furniture into a small apartment is hands-down the number one way to make your apartment feel cramped, small and uncomfortable. Even if you have furniture that you love and find super comfortable, it may not be the right fit for your new apartment.

Here are some guidelines to consider when planning out your new space:

  • Take into account how much floor space you have before determining what sofa you bring into the living room. While a sectional sofa may be comfortable in a large house, its size can make it difficult to walk around or have accent tables in an apartment. Going smaller with the sofa is a great way to make your space feel larger.
  • Think minimalistic when looking for accent furniture like bookshelves and tables. While large, handcrafted oak tables may be beautiful and sturdy, they are going to be difficult to get in and out of an apartment, and they may dominate the room once they are in place.
  • Keep everything in proportion. You need to make sure that your furnishings appropriately balance your living space. One piece of furniture should not overpower the home.

When living in an apartment, it is a good idea to cut down on as much clutter as possible, too. Reduce how many books, toys and trinkets that you have out as this will open up the space considerably. Collector items are also not always conducive to making a living space feel light and open. For help finding the perfect spacious layout for your next home, contact us.

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