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Tips for Storing Summer Pool Items

Summer has officially come to an end, and for most people, that means pool season is behind them. During the summer months, you may have purchased many fun pool items for yourself or for your children, including goggles, inflatables, floaties, and diving rings. Now that these items are no longer being used, you may wonder…

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Fun Fruit Cocktails to Try This Summer

What could be more refreshing than a fruit cocktail on a hot summer's day? These drinks are a great way to rehydrate. Best of all, summer is the time for fresh fruit and herbs, letting you experiment with exciting new flavor combinations. Planning a party? Many of these recipes can be combined with your favorite…

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Utilizing Your Space at Home

When you make the decision to move into an apartment, you are accepting the fact that you are going to be living in limited space. Even the largest apartments in Raleigh with the most spacious and open floor plans are still inherently limited by the nature of what an apartment is. A lot of people look at…

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