How to Pet Proof Your Holiday Decorations

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Are you ready to decorate for the holidays but worry about your pets wrecking things? Here are a few things you can do to stay pet safe for the holidays.

Hang Tree Ornaments Out of Reach

Christmas tree ornaments are tempting for both dogs and cats. In addition to not wanting to get your ornaments broken, you don't want your pet to get hurt on the hooks or broken glass.

Make sure you hang any ornaments out of their reach. You can do this by moving them to higher branches or by using a stand that elevates your Christmas tree. If you need to fill empty space at the bottom of your tree, use extra lights or garland that's wrapped too tightly to get knocked off.

Skip the Candles

Between jumping cats and dogs banging into furniture as they run around from excitement, candles are too much of a fire hazard to safely use during the holidays. If you like the look, use an electronic candle or fairy lights in a jar to get the same effect.

Protecting Your Christmas Tree

When you put up your Christmas tree, your dog may confuse it with the trees outside, and your cat may see it as a new place to climb. When you first put it up, you'll need to closely supervise them and teach them to stay away.

Since they don't listen to you all of the time and will probably still play around it, use a sturdy, weighted base to make sure that they can't knock it over.

Section Off a Room

If you've gone all out for Christmas and don't want to risk your pets doing anything at all, you may want to make a room off-limits for the season. Use baby gates or other barriers just like you would at any other time of the year.

Give Them a Distraction

Your pets will be feeding off all of the excitement and want to participate as well. Give them a new toy or something to climb in to redirect their attention in a positive way.

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