4 Ways to Use Vintage Items in Your Decor

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Finding those perfect vintage items can be a thrilling experience. But once you get them home, you may be wondering how you can best use them in the decor of your Raleigh apartment. If you have made some great vintage finds, check out tips for using them to spruce up the decor in your apartment.

Use Vintage Books as Lamp Bases

If you have some vintage books that you would like to display in your apartment, you can get them to pull double-duty by helping them lift short lamps up to get better light and using them as decorative bases. Grab two or three of your favorites, place them on the end table and situate a simple lamp on top. 

Decorate With Vintage Tunes

Put those classic tunes to good use by displaying your collected vinyl on the wall. Make sure to use hangers that won’t damage your walls on the vinyl and affix the records in a unique pattern on an open wall space.

Use Old Milk Crates for Shoe Storage

Take your found crates and turn them into something functional and useful. Give them a fresh coat of paint or refinish the wood, and set them by the door as a place to toss shoes when you walk in. It will keep them out of the way and is also open, so it can allow them to breathe.

Turn Vintage Cans Into Floral Centerpieces

Whether it is an antique gas can or an old farm milk jug, you can create a beautiful focal point with it in any room. Clean it up and keep the original color, or give it a fresh coat of paint; then place bright flowers that blend with the color of the can to create a pop of color to entry tables or an entryway. You can even add a colorful ribbon for an extra touch. 

Follow the tips above to turn your amazing vintage finds into one-of-a-kind decor for your apartment. Need a place to repurpose and decorate with your vintage items? Stop into The Tribute Apartments today to find the perfect floor plan to accommodate your unique items. 


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