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You have many choices for smartphone apps that entertain, teach and assist in getting tasks done in a timely manner. Since we realize our Raleigh, North Carolina, residents at The Tribute are busy and need to quickly and efficiently run errands and other personal business, we've compiled a few smart apps that can help you get through your busy day faster and more effectively.

Mint: A Great Budgeting App

Managing your finances is a lot easier when you can see your outgoing expenses and income both on your tablet and smartphone. Mint helps you keep track of everything: From creating a budget to paying bills to keeping your shopping list updated, Mint is a money manager that also lets you keep track of how your credit score is being affected from month to month. 

You won't forget another bill with scheduled alerts, and since credit card transactions are automatically tracked, you can even track your cash transactions to get a total picture of your day-to-day finances. 

Eventbrite: Finding Events Near You

This popular app keeps an up-to-date listing of everything that's happening in your area — and you can also create, promote and share your own events with friends and family as a one-stop event planner. So if you're looking for a rooftop party, creative classes, outdoor adventure or family-time events held by members of the community, Eventbrite is the place to go.

Do more of what you love while connecting with a like-minded community near you. Eventbrite has many categories to explore, from large venues to intimate gatherings, and you can RSVP or register right from your smartphone.

iStaging: Home Decorating

So maybe the home decorating gene skipped a generation. No problem — with iStaging you can use an iPhone or Android phone to furnish your apartment using both virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Instead of spending money on furnishings you'll later regret, this app allows you to view real furniture in the virtual setting of your apartment home.

Experiment with wallpapers, lighting, artwork, window treatments, dining room settings and more to see how physical changes to your home may affect mood and appearance.

For your next apartment in Raleigh, NC, visit The Tribute. We feature spacious one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes, beautifully landscaped courtyards and a Grecian-style pool.

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