Setting Ground Rules When Living With a Roommate

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Whether you’re a student just starting out or a professional searching through Raleigh apartments to cut living expenses by sharing, you don’t always get to choose who you live with. Sometimes, the perfect roomie ends up being a flatmate who is overbearing, dirty or just plain obnoxious. Here are some helpful tips to help you deal with roommates who may not share your idea of harmonious living. 

The Slob 

When sharing an apartment with someone who doesn’t clean anything, it can cause serious tension. Most people enjoy living in a clean environment, but some people don’t seem to mind a mess. Your best option is to talk things out and set ground rules. Set up a cleaning schedule for shared spaces and hold your roommate to it. Don’t obsess about private spaces unless they pose an issue due to cockroaches or other pests. 

The Party Animal 

Some people like their privacy, while some like to have open doors all the time. The best way to avoid this issue is to ask about it before the person moves in. You need to have your private space. If you need to, get a lock on your door to ensure nobody enters your private space while you are gone. Make a schedule that you both agree with that dictates when and how long friends and family can stay. If you don't want people staying on your couch, make that clear from the start!

The Ex 

Not many people enjoy living with their exes. Dividing the bills and dealing with life is hard when you’re in love, and it becomes much worse after you break up. If you sign a lease together, it is not always possible to leave the situation after a breakup, and many people don’t want to. After a bad romantic failure, your options are to move out or get the ex to move out. When looking at Raleigh apartments, consider what might happen if both of your names are on the lease. You might be held responsible for all the bills even if you move out. 

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