How to Create the Perfect Mood for Your Date Night

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holding handsHave a special date coming up in your Raleigh, North Carolina, apartments? Want to create an ambiance to make the night one neither of you will ever forget? Help set the mood by following the tips listed below. 

Create a Welcoming Smell

Nothing can be more off-putting than walking into musty odors, or the smell of laundry needing to be washed. The smell in your apartment will set the mood and should evoke relaxation and romance. Consider finding a mildly scented candle, or bring in some fresh, fragrant flowers, such as lilacs. If the way to your loved one's heart is through their stomach, bake a batch of cookies that will be done a few minutes before they arrive. Everyone finds the smell of baked goods appealing. 

Break Out the Good Linens

Date night is the time to get a little fancy, and besides, why have nice napkins and tablecloths if they stay put up in a linen closet? These little touches bring a more formal atmosphere and make your dinner date feel more like a meal, instead of picking up takeout.

Create Some Intimate Seating

Set your apartment up so that you can experience some close and intimate moments throughout your date. If you want to keep your meal less formal, consider setting up some comfortable pillows around your coffee table, to create a unique dining setting. It will provide a relaxing environment as well as for more intimate conversation. 

Reconsider Lighting

Lighting is an important way to set the mood. Not only can lower lighting create a more romantic mood, but it can also give you more confidence, by hiding imperfections that may be more apparent in bright lighting. Ditch the overhead lighting, and instead turn on your lamps. Make sure your bulbs are only 60 or 40 watts and keep them consistent so the lighting can be dispersed evenly. Before your date arrives, go through each room and prepare your lighting scheme. 

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