6 Free Apps to Help You Get in Shape

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stretchHave you decided that this is the year when you're finally going to get in the best shape ever? Then you'll probably need a little help to achieve your goal. Fortunately, there are a number of apps available today, including the following free ones, that can whip you into shape.  

Map My Walk  

This is an easy-to-use app that keeps track of how many miles you cover during your workout as well as other important information, including elapsed time, speed and calories burned.  


This app gives you access to more than 400 virtual fitness classes, workout plans and tests. Its classes range from ones that are only 15 minutes or less to workouts that have been designed specifically for senior citizens. 

Nike Training Club

You can choose from more than 180 workouts when you download the Nike Training Club app. Classes include strength training, cardio and even yoga.


Fitbod keeps track of your past workouts and then personalizes a workout plan for you that takes into account your goals as well as the equipment available to you. This app will then guide you through each exercise, letting you know how many reps and sets you should be doing, as well as the weights you should use. 


Looking for a way to challenge other runners over your favorite course? That is just one of the features you'll find on Strava. Its leaderboard feature allows you to challenge other runners for the top spot for a particular route or trail. Strava will also keep track of other information for you, including the distance you run and the calories you burn. 

7 Minute Workout

This app claims to be the number one fitness app in 127 countries. It will guide you through 12 high-intensity, 30-second exercises for a quick workout.

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