2 Creative Ideas for Inexpensive Dog Beds

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Are you in need of a new bed for your dog? Then check out the following two ideas. The first is perfect for a larger dog or if you have two or more smaller pups who like to share a bed. The second is a creative way to re-purpose an old sweatshirt. 

Baby Crib Doggy Bed

Large doggy beds can be very expensive. So why not upcycle an old baby crib mattress instead. Cheap used ones are easy to find on Facebook's Marketplace or on craigslist. And while used mattresses may be inexpensive, they're often made with high-quality products, such as memory foam, that could be just what an older dog with arthritis or other health issues might need.

To protect your mattress from dog stains, you should cover it with a waterproof mattress protector and a fitted sheet that you can take off and wash on a regular basis. If you're a good seamstress, you may even want to sew your own cover. 

The Sweatshirt Doggy (or Cat) Bed

Because your scent gets infused into your old clothing, your small pets will love this bed, which will remind them of you. It's simple and very easy to make. All you'll need to make this craft are a sweatshirt, thread, a needle and some type of stuffing. 

  • Turn the sweatshirt inside out and sew the neck opening closed. Then turn the sweatshirt right side out. 
  • Fill the body of the sweatshirt and the arms with pillow stuffing or foam, or you could even use fabric scraps.
  • Sew the bottom of the sweatshirt closed.
  • Next, bring the arms of the sweatshirt together so that they meet at the cuffs. Insert one cuff about an inch into the other cuff and sew together. The arms will form the raised part of your donut-shaped bed.
  • Finally, sew the arms to the side of the sweatshirt to keep them in place. 

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